Skateboarding tricks for beginners.

Skateboarding tricks for beginners.

Skateboarding can be easy, only if know the techniques involved in this sport; this is especially true in the case of beginners. In early stages, it is better to have a trainer for skateboarding. Only a trainer can help you with techniques that are ideal for your height, weight, your skateboard, etc. If you are a beginner, then before purchasing a skateboard, talk to your trainer about the features, which your skateboard should have. To have best skateboard wheels is important, to prevent serious injuries and have a smooth skating. Skateboard wheels are made out of various materials, and these materials differ in the durability terms.

Below are few basic skateboarding tricks for beginners-

1. Ollie
The Ollie is one of the most basic of skateboarding tricks. In this trick, the skater makes the tail of the board touch the ground and jumps at the same time. One moment, the skater will be in the air, and in the next, he/she will be on the ground.

2. Boardslide
This trick is a little tricky, as it demands more precision and balance. In this trick, the skater will slide the board across a surface using the axles of the skateboard. The sliding angle should be precisely 45 degrees, for a successful boardslide trick.

3. Nollie
This is a trick that is very much similar the Ollie; only that nollie is a little advanced. The skater forces the nose of the board down with his/her front foot, and force the back of the board in the air, with his/her back foot.

4. Kickflip
This is one of the cool tricks used by the skaters, and it is so easy, that even the beginners can do this trick. The skater will have the skateboard in the air, just as in Ollie, and later uses his/her front foot, flick the nook of the board. Due to that sudden pressure, that board is forced to spin with a full rotation.